Visit E Quote Conveyancing for House Conveyancing

The process of house conveyancing can be complex and expensive, it is usually carried out by a conveyancing solicitor or licensed conveyancer. It is the process in which the deeds of a property are transferred from the previous owner ( you the property flipping master) to the new one (your lucky buyer).

If you want to save money on your conveyancing fees we recommend visiting this website for an easy and thorough comparison of prices. Their system allows you to enter the details about the type of conveyancing you require and the properties that you are transferring, it then automatically gives the quotes from various solicitors. For each solicitor you can look them up and it will show you the user submitted reviews for each firm.

I love this house conveyancing comparison website because there are no hidden costs. The price I am quoted is the price I end up paying. It comes with all the smaller costs included and displayed very clearly, allowing you to know exactly what you are spending and on what or who.

I know that all the solicitors who have been accepted as panel members have pledged not to increase their quotation price to maintain transparency and to ensure that the user does not get hoodwinked. All the panel member solicors also offer a no completion no fee chargeable pledge too so even if your case folds for any reason you will not get charged any aspect of the legal costs incurred. This is a good deal although i believe it is a common practice within the profession for conveyancing, probably on the basis that if this transaction falls through the client will be back with another property or for another matter such as divorce in the future.

It appears that these comparison sites are very popular now and are designed to give you ease of shopping with quality and value for money at the forefront of their service. We all know about utility switching sites and insurance related price comparison sites alike the ones that are advertised on the television regularly, but i hadn’t come across one dedicated to conveyancing costs before. They’ll have a site for comparing everything soon, I even read yesterday of somebody from Bath who has launched a funeral costs comparison site! Morbid but serving a purpose I suppose.

Coming back to conveyancing comparison sites like this I also noticed that there are a lot of websites coming up in the search results, particularly in the paid sponsored links sections, that purport to offer conveyancing services for as little as £99.00 but don’t be fooled by these. For a start they are only offering you access to one firm of solicitors and secondly they are omitting showing you all the mandatory costs which they will add onto your quote later.

Also, some of these sites don’t actually provide a quote of anonimity as they require you to give them your email and phone details to get a quote. I would be wary of this type of offer as behind the scenes they could just be aggregating your enquiry as a lead which they will then sell on to a broker for a fee which could lead to you being bothered by more than one nuisance call as a result in order to get your business.