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Tips To Get You Started On Flipping Your First House

You’ve probably been hearing a lot of buzz about house-flipping going and it’s for good reason! If you have the time, patience and money to invest, then this is something that may be worth your while to look into.

Flipping a house is when you make a purchase of a run-down property that is below market-price. Your job is to change that by increasing the value of it’s worth and then to sell it quickly for a profit. If you know what you’re doing and play your cards right, you can expect to make upwards to fifty thousand or more for each flip. Here are a few tips to help get you started.


If you are thinking about flipping a house or houses then you are definitely going to need some money. That money can come from a number of sources including yourself, a bank or someone else. You might already have your own money that you are able to invest and if you do then you’re already ahead of the game. Now if you don’t have the money, that’s alright too. Most private investors would appreciate a new flipper to have a little something to put forward and borrowing money from other sources will help you to get started.


You will need a good team by your side on this project. Flipping a house cannot be done alone as there is just too much involved for you to know and understand everything. The team you build will have to be made up of individuals that are specialists in their own right and people you can trust and rely on.

Some of these members should include a few real estate agents, a CPA, a real estate attorney, a general contractor, a designer or an architect, an insurance agent, a wholesaler, and a private money or hard money lender

This might seem like a lot but this is what you will need to be successful at your project. Your team will be there to assist you when ever needed. They will help you with all the fine details of finding, fixing and then finally selling the property. Those people on your team will work together to help you shorten your own personal learning experience while helping you to earn profits more quickly and efficiently than you ever would on your own.